BTSC Booking and Lettings Policy

BTSC Club House Lettings & Usage Policy


All booking enquiries must be sent via the nominated Bookings Coordinator. The Bookings Coordinator will be a non-voting BTSC member elected at a monthly meeting. No booking is considered confirmed until BTSC Committee approval has been granted.

Booking priorities

1.              League match activity

2.              Training activity

3.              Confirmed, approved club bookings

4.              Friendly match activity

5.              Confirmed, approved community bookings

Clubhouse booking availability

·      Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm term time – available for hire

·      Monday to Friday 8:30am to 9:30pm non-term time – available for club activity

·      Monday to Friday 5:00pm to 9:30pm – reserved for training activity

·      Monday to Friday 9:30pm to 11:00pm – available for hire

·      Saturday and Sunday 8:30am to 8:00pm – reserved for match activity

·      Saturday and Sunday 8:00pm to 11:00pm – available for hire

Booking process

Booking enquiries are made via the nominated Bookings Coordinator only.  Each member club will nominate a contact for booking approval. The Booking Coordinator will check availability and then seek approval from the nominated BTSC committee contacts. Short notice bookings will be approved via email or telephone confirmation to nominated BTSC Committee members by the Bookings Coordinator.

Approval Priorities

·      1st Sept. to 30th April – Weekend bookings, Main Area: BTYFC/BTFC

·      1st Sept. to 30th April – Weekday bookings, Main Area: BTYFC/BTFC

·      1st May to 31st August – Weekend bookings, Main Area :BCC

·      1st May to 31st August – Weekday bookings, Main Area: BCC/BTYFC/BTFC

·      All year – All bookings, New Area : BTYFC/BTFC

·      All year – All bookings, training area: BTYFC

Hireable Elements

·      Social Area/Kitchen

·      Changing Rooms

·      Training Area

·      Main pitch (1st September to 30th April)

·      Cricket wicket + outfield (1st May to 31st August)

·      Mini Soccer pitches (1st September to 30th April)

·      Full size pitches (new area)

·      Medical/Treatment Room

·      Projector (for social area use only)

·      Amplifier & Speakers

·      Radio Microphone

·      Disco (with DJ)

Club Meeting Usage

The social area will be made available exclusively for regular monthly club committee meetings free of charge provided the booking is confirmed with the Bookings Coordinator two weeks prior. Other meetings can be held on an as needed basis provided no other exclusive booking is already in place. Other exclusive bookings (outside of the above) can be booked as per the booking policy and a fee may be payable.

Booking Income

All income from bookings will belong to Bingham Town Sports Club.

Rate Card

See booking form for current rate card

Conflict Resolution

Where a conflict occurs which cannot be resolved by use of the priority rules above a simple majority vote will take place at the next BTSC committee meeting or during an EGM (if short notice). In the event of a tie the Chairman will have the casting vote.

Social Area

The Social Area is to be considered a free open area for the use of all club members during the evening and match weekends. Member Clubs can ask for an area to be reserved on a particular day provided this does not clash with a prior booking. If a member club requires exclusive use of the Social Area this can be arranged via majority vote at a monthly committee meeting.


Any exceptions to this policy can be voted in by the committee at monthly or exceptional meetings on a one off basis with a unanimous vote.


General Hire – Terms and Conditions


Bookings are accepted at the sole discretion of BTSC. If so requested, the hirer will provide a method statement and risk assessment for the activities and intended use of the facilities.


Charges for the hire of the room, equipment and any other goods and services to be provided by BTSC shall be in accordance with a scale of charges provided by BTSC from time to time.


A deposit of 25% of the estimated booking fees will be payable at the time of booking. A booking that has not paid their deposit will be considered un-confirmed until such time as payment is received.


Cancelled booking deposit monies are not refundable, but may be credited to another booking date within six (6) months of the original booking date. The booking deposit is non-transferable if the booking is cancelled less than four weeks before the event. Cancellations made within 1 week of the booking date will be payable at the full rate of the booking.


Unless where otherwise advised, all booking fees are due seven days prior to the booking taking place.

Damage Deposit

A damage deposit of £100 is payable in advance for any non-club booking where attendance is expected to be greater than 25 persons or additionally at the booking coordinators sole discretion.  In all cases any damage caused to the property, equipment, fixtures or fittings will be charged to the hirer following inspection. In addition, the hirer may be held responsible for additional staff time or overtime cost should such become necessary for the set-up, actual event or event clean up. The damage deposit will be returned as soon as possible following the booking, but not before BTSC staff have the opportunity to determine (by means of a thorough cleaning and/or walk-through) if damage has occurred.


Hirers or users of the facility are not permitted to bring alcohol on to the site or premises for consumption.


Hirers are advised that the premises are covered both internally and externally by CCTV on a continuous recording.